Open Heart Ministry of Olga Anischenko
Dear friend, on this website you will be able to read Olga's family's story, find out more about "The Puzzle of Elijah" book and their ministry to people, find answers to many of your questions, receive support during adversity in life, receive encouragement in personal growth, open up more, and find out what is the purpose of your life.

The adversity in Olga’s family has made them nicer, braver, and more understandable of people’s pain. They received lots of love and support from good people, and want to give the same to people who are in the valley of tears.

How Open Heart Ministry was born

Olga's story

Olga’s family is from Ukraine, who undergone religious persecution.  At 14, Olga and her family immigrated to the United States.  It was a new life of many adjustments.   Something simple as discovering that you can eat oranges every day, instead of hiding them under a pillow and being scared that you will not have them tomorrow.  

Olga's book

Olga wrote a book about their journey, with a hope to encourage others, who are going through an adversity in life, not to give up.  Life is still beautiful, no matter what.  Her message today is “God is preparing you for something more”.  That every human being has a choice of living in hell or heaven on earth, and that with a positive attitude they can develop a wonderful life of hope and progress.

Olga's message

Today, Olga is on the radio, speaking at the conferences and participating in the community.  She opened a non-profit organization, and built a website to support others and answer their questions.  Her ministry is to help those in the valley of tears.

Life is a puzzle.  You never know what the big picture is going to look like.  You may think, here is the end of life, but in reality – it is only the beginning.


To have leaders around the world unite, continue our mission, and cover our world with love, hope, and emotional healing.


To support families, who are going through an adversity in life during illness, abuse, divorce, or death of a loved one.


• To support families with special needs children.
• To send books to men’s and women’s jails.
• To help women heal after the abortion.
• To send books to parents of terminally ill children at the hospitals.
• To support widows and orphans.
• To support women after abuse and divorce
• To support families with sexually abused children. 

An open heart of a person – is a part of the heart of God.  God sends people into our lives who serve us here on earth, and there will always be a person through whom God loves just you.  Open Heart Ministry is a ministry where people share your pain and support you, where you will not be judged and condemned.  In this ministry people will rejoice at your achievements and share your joy!  Tatyana Moskovka

Ministry's projects

"The Puzzle of Elijah" project for families with special needs children

“The Puzzle of Elijah” project was born in October of 2020.  Maria Boltenko, who immigrated from Russian to USA in 2005, a mother of a 14-year old son Sasha, who has a Downs Syndrome and Autism, heard Olga’s story on social media, and read her book. It answered many of Maria’s questions and helped her change the focus from “God punishing you with an ill child” to “God is preparing you for something more”.  

"Open Heart" Center" - webinars/support groups/conferences

Every week Olga and Maria kept gathering together with mothers of special needs children.  Their goal was to support such families.  Surprisingly, not many young mothers came for support.  But instead, older mothers with special needs children started to come.  They all had been healed and were ready to serve others.  Instead of supporting mothers, they kept sharing their needs, wishes, experiences, ideas, and hopes for the future of such families.  Together they all agreed that “The Open Heart” Center of support and encouragement is very needed for their community, which had been a long-term dream of Olga.  

"Open Heart" Studio - People's stories and testimonies / Talk Shows

Since 2018, Olga has been on a Slavic Family Radio when she lived in Washington.  People came to her studio to share their life stories.  When she moved to South Carolina, she had no radio access, so she recorded people’s testimonies over the Zoom program.  Olga’s dream is to have a studio at the center.  She also has people who want to also start interviewing people and recording their life stories.  When we share our stories, we heal, and we support others in their valley of tears journey.

Future and past events

Event for families with special needs children

On march 20th 2021 we participated at the even in Monroe, North Carolina.  About 50 poeple attended.  There were 9 children with special needs. There were volunteers to take care of those children while parents participated in the event.  The event took place at a playground.  The pastor of local church attended.  Our group of women from SC attended too.  It was such a blessing!


 On February 20th 2021 we held our first international online conference for parents of special needs children.  

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Reviews from people about our ministry

Each puzzle in “The Puzzle of Elijah” book is like the cry of a wounded woman who has suffered pain, loss.  Thanks to Olga’s book, what many of us carry in ourselves for years, has been conveyed.  We cannot keep silent about this.  Pouring out our grief,  we are getting healed and bring healing to others.  Olga put these puzzles together and conveyed the pain of many mothers.  Than you for that, Olga.  

How you can help?
  • Pray
  • Tell people about Olga’s book and “Open Heart” ministry
  • Support financially
  • Become part of the ministry
  • Invite Olga as a speaker to your church or organization.
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