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"The adversity in our life has hardened our family, making us bolder, kinder, and more sensitive to human pain. Having received love and support from kind people, we also want to serve people. We hope this site will serve you as a blessing."
Olga Anischenko, the Author of "The Puzzle of Elijah" book, and the Founder of "The Open Heart Ministry"
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  • To emotionally support families, who are going through an adversity in life.  Examples:  illness, abuse, special needs child, divorce or death of a loved one, and more. 
  • To encourage people share their stories in order to help other hurting people. 
  • To raise up leaders in order to bring love, hope and emotional healing to the world.  
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The Anischenko family's story

The Open Heart Ministry was born after Elijah Anischenko, the hero of “The Puzzle of Elijah” book, was born to Oleg and Olga Anischenko’s family.

"the Puzzle of Elijah" book

Elijah was born with a very ill heart and lived only seven months and seven days.  He changed his family’s life forever by showing them the other side of this life and the pain of others.  Elijah’s presence in Oleg and Olga Anischenko’s life has given birth to “The Puzzle of Elijah” book and “The Open Heart Ministry”. 

Birth of "The Open Heart Ministry" and "Open Heart Center"

The “Open Heart Ministry” helps people find peace and inner healing through life stories about God’s mercy during fiery trials in life.  

Reviews from people about our ministry

Each puzzle in “The Puzzle of Elijah” book is like the cry of a wounded woman who has suffered pain, loss.  Thanks to Olga’s book, what many of us carry in ourselves for years, has been conveyed.  We cannot keep silent about this.  Pouring out our grief,  we are getting healed and bring healing to others.  Olga put these puzzles together and conveyed the pain of many mothers.  Than you for that, Olga.  

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